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CNY Gift Box [龍年限定手工賀年禮盒]

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今個農曆新年,Twinkie Cookies為大家準備了限定賀年禮盒,當中包括4款常溫滋味甜點小食!無論是買給自己與家人分享或者送禮都是今個龍年的最佳之選!

Price 售價: $288
📣 1月27日前預訂可享早鳥優惠!
1. 古早味芝麻花生酥 3塊
2. 芝麻抹茶黃豆麻糬曲奇 2塊
3. 朱古力千層酥 4塊
4. 抹茶夏威夷果仁了結糖 5塊

📣 Enjoy early bird discount from now till 8 January!
🧧The year of the Dragon Limited Gift Box
1. Traditional Sesame Peanut Cookie 3pcs
2. Sesame Matcha Soybean Mochi Cookies 2pcs
3. Chocolate Mille-feuille 4pcs
4. Matcha Macadamia Nougut 5pcs

Traditional Sesame Peanut Cookies 

With rich aroma of peanut and unforgettable crumbliness. The ingredients are natural, without preservatives, no artificial colouring and flavouring, the perfect traditional snack for the CNY.

Sesame Matcha Soybean Mochi Cookies

Our Sesame Matcha Soybean Mochi Cookies are the perfect combination of traditional and modern, serving up a delicious blend of Asian Smore flavors. Get ready to be transported to a world of taste and celebration.

Chocolate Mille-feuille

Housemade buttery puff pastry cookies dipped in dark chocolate.

Matcha Macadamia Nougut

Made with premium matcha powder and locally sourced macadamia nuts, this delectable treat is a perfect gift for the Year of the Dragon!"



Delivery every Monday to Sunday.

Free delivery upon $550 purchase.

Reheat Instructions

Oven: 180° 2 minutes
Microwave oven: 600W 30 seconds


Every piece of cookie comes with an individual packaging.
Don't worry if you can't finish all of them at once!