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Handmade Mochi Mooncake Gift Box (Pre-order)

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Pick up date: 19/8 - 30/9

New Flavours that incorporate traditional Chinese food elements. 

Handmade Mochi Mooncake Gift Box (4 pcs):
- Taro
- Custard
- Black Sesame
- Chocolate Peanut



If the mooncake is not picked up within the specified time,
we will keep it for one day at room temperature,
Please note the expiry date.
If customer forgets to pick up,
the mooncakes will not be refunded or exchanged.

Mochi mooncakes are freshly baked,
it is recommended to eat them as soon as possible.
In order to maintain the best taste of mochi,
it is recommended to consume within 2 weeks when stored at room temperature;
to eat within one month if refrigerated.


Delivery every Monday to Sunday.

Free delivery upon $550 purchase. (Except mooncakes)

Reheat Instructions

Oven: 180° 2 minutes
Microwave oven: 600W 30 seconds


Every piece of cookie comes with an individual packaging.
Don't worry if you can't finish all of them at once!